Mr Teh Tarik Bedok North – Ban Mian

Just a quickie to start the week everyone!!

Actually, I have this dish quite often at Mr Teh Tarik Bedok North to be honest. It’s either this or the Chicken Rice most of the time hehehe

Mr Teh Tarik Bedok Ban Mian 02
Mr Teh Tarik Bedok Ban Mian 03

This stall also sells Fish Soup Noodles and all that but I always end up ordering the Ban Mian. There’s just something about a nice rich broth with minced chicken and noodles.

The noodles are firm with a great bite and you’ll be slurping away for sure. And don’t forget the chili padi on the side too! And here’s a tip – I always tell them to add milk for that extra kick in the soup. Yeah I know it’s not exactly the healthiest choice but it’s totally worth it in this case LOL

And I’m not sure if all the Mr Teh Tarik joints serve it this tasty but the Bedok Nort one so far power.

Adam’s Verdict:
Ban Mian 4.5/5

Such a high rating for such a simple dish? Am I sure?
Definitely. Because it’s comfort food and the serving is generous and I’ve never regretted ordering it a single time!

20150827_125250Mr Teh Tarik (Bedok North)

204 Bedok North Street 1
(Near Bedok Library)

Operating Hours:
11.00am til 11.00pm Daily





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  • You gotta try the ban mian from Koufu @ Novena Square 2!! Seriously the best halal ban mian around. Even a chinese friend of mine said the taste is quite authentic.

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