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Tower of Power ($19.00)

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So you may have heard of this place before but it’s not the same as it used to be.
Gone are the days where alcohol was served and now, the same guys behind Afterwit (one of them is a Muslim) are taking the Halal route and converted this joint (and part-hostel) in a burger joint we can all chillax at.

In fact, I think we’re quite lambat because some of our readers already found out earlier and visited this place before we even managed to make our way down LOL as always, The Halal Food Blog readers aka #makankakis rock!

Anyways, before we get to the burgers, we saw some pretty interesting stuff on the menu!
(The menu literally itself is already interesting lah anyways)

Working Title 01 Ribena Wings
Ribena Wings ($8.00)

When we saw it on the menu, we knew that we simply HAD to order it. Come on. How can you possibly pass on something called ‘Ribena Wings’ right? RIGHT??

So we are talking about chicken wings that have been coated with this spice-batter, deep fried to perfection and then they have this Ribena reduction that’s drizzled all over the wings. ZOMG you really have to try to believe!

Working Title 03 Ribena Wings
Working Title 04 Ribena Wings

The coating on these chicken wings was absolutely sedap. It’s got a bit of a spicy twang to it but it won’t burn your mouth off so you can enjoy that tasty flavour. Best enjoyed while it’s fresh and hot of course!

And that Ribena reduction? FUYOH!

There’s just something about sweet and savoury/salty combining that makes food all the more sedap. We’ve seen it in other dishes before and we see it again here. And boy oh boy does it work wonders! That sticky sweet sauce will have you licking your fingers after you’re done dipping your chicken in the sauce that has run down to the bottom of the dish. All the best and sayonara to any diet plans LOL totally worth it by the way.

If Ribena is not your thing (pfffftttt) then maybe you could try the Crispy Midwings or the Honey Lemon Wings instead yeah.

T3 - Truffle Tater Tots ($10.00)
T3 – Truffle Tater Tots ($10.00)

We could have gone with some fries but we decided on the T3 instead. No no not the airport nor the movie… We’re talking about Truffle Tater Tots.

Some of you might be asking what’s a Tater Tot?
Well, it’s made of potato and the easiest way to describe it is a hash brown that’s shaped into bite-sized chunks. LOL

So you’ve got your Tater Tots and they’ve got truffle oil drizzled over ’em and some grated Parmesan cheese for good measure and a very flavourful started.

Working Title 06 T3

Well, they’re very tasty but we’re guessing quite a few may be wary of the rather pricey tag of $10 for this dish. But hey, we’re talking truffle oil here!

But then again, some of you may prefer some other form of potato-based appetizer? Perhaps the Curly Fries or Roasted baby Potatoes might be more up your alley?

Well, next target on our list for the next visit is the Stuffed Portobello Mushroom!
(How on earth did we miss that one on our first visit???)

Tower of Power ($19.00)
Tower of Power ($19.00)

This is a burger joint right? Well, on to the burgers!!

They have like 12 burgers on the menu but we had to try out their signature pride and joy burger. And how do we know it’s the signature? Well, it’s got one whole page to itself on menu! LOL

We’re talking about TWO grilled beef patties, DOUBLE cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, salad, tomatoes some of those Truffle Tater Tots plus some BBQ sauce for good measure. Behold the TOWER OF POWER!!

Working Title 12 Tower of Power
Working Title 14 Tower of Power

You can’t but gasp as the burger arrives at the table because it really does tower over everything else. And as you can see, the patties are thick and we are talking about TWO of these monster patties piling high to form the awesome Tower of Power.

And as if that’s enough, the cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and caramelized onions takes it into overdrive.
With a side of fries, you can say that it’s a safe bet to share this burger unless you’re really really hungry and can manage by yourself. In fact, we’ve been told that lots of diners actually have one all to themselves! Fierce…

Dengerous ($17.00)
Dengerous ($17.00)

Now here is the burger we actually came to try when we heard about it – The ‘Dengerous’ Burger.
And why is it called ‘Dengerous’? Well, in case you haven’t spotted it yet, it contains one of our most favouritest things in the whole wide world…

Oh yeah. We’re talking about Dengdeng!!

Working Title 08 Dengerous

Look at that beauty! LOL (can you tell that we REALLY like Dengdeng yet?)
And yes, we know it’s called Dendeng but we affectionately call it Dengdeng with the extra G because… we do.

So we’ve got one of those monster beef patties here with the star of the show – a slice of beef Dengdeng – plus add in some cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, salad, tomatoes and satay sauce to round things off.

Make no mistake okay – this is still a formidable burger and is bound to fill you up!
We personally found that the Satay sauce was lost in the whole scene of things but hey anything with Dengdeng is a sure-win LOL

They actually have a really varied range of burgers on the menu. They all sounds really interesting and there’s really something for everyone no matter what your tastes may be. Let us run it down for you okay?

Really interesting burgers on the menu include ‘Big Papa Rosti’ (Potato pancake burger!), El Spicy Sombrero (Mexican-style beef burger), Fowl Play (Chicken burger with DUCK!!), Hawaii Five-O (Teriyaki Chicken burger with pineapple and turkey ham), Magic Mushroom (Portobello mushroom burger!) and they even have Tofu Fighting (Grilled tofu burger). See. Like we said – SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!

Avocado Bravado ($7.50)
Avocado Bravado ($7.50)

Working Title 16 Avocado Bravado

To wash it all down, what’s better than a nice, rich, fulfilling Smoothie right? 😛
They have got 9 to choose from so we chose 2 this time and definitely gonna try some of the others next time!

One of our choices happened to also be the #1 choice with a lot of diners at (working title) probably the idea of an Avocado smoothie is always inviting. Indeed the favourite known as ‘Alpokat’ takes on the (working title) touch here with blended Avocado, a hint of vanilla and chocolate sauce in place of the usual Gula Melaka syrup.

It’s very easy to see why this is such a fave with the crowds that flock here. Very rich and tasty! The hint of vanilla is very subtle and despite having some chocolate syrup on the side, this smoothie is not overpoweringly sweet so you can be refreshed and still have your taste-buds functioning for the food LOL

Chocolate Bananarama ($7.50)
Chocolate Bananarama ($7.50)

Working Title 18 Chocolate Bananarama

Here’s one that we really found very appealing but we were shocked to find out – NOT A BIG FAVOURITE???

Come on come on come on come on!! This is one is banana plus dark chocolate leh!! Doesn’t that sound like the most absolutely sedap smoothie ever?? LOL okay maybe we’re just big banana + chocolate fans but seriously you have got to try this smoothie. This is a flavour combo that has always worked.

Banana + Chocolate = SO MUCH WIN!

Anyways, they also have other smoothies on the menu including Cookie Nomster (chocolate chip oatmeal cookie smoothie), Peaches and Cream  (refreshing peaches and vanilla), Clockwork Orange (Fresh OJ with honey and vanilla), Mighty Morphin Power Matcha (Green Tea, milk and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!!), Thai Yuan Yang (Thai Iced Tea plus Espresso), Monkey Business (banana and cinnamon) and Toffee Nut (Toffee and Peanut Butter).

Remember when we said that we wanted to try a few more smoothies next time?
Well, scratch that and change to we wanna try ALL the other smoothies next time.

And one of the best things about this place is that the masterminds are always looking to improve and/or switch up the items on the menu all the time. That means that you might see dishes added or removed from time to time and some dishes having some slight changes. And this is all based on the feedback provided by YOU!!

Working Title 20 Boss Shot

That’s the obligatory #BossShot of the 2 masterminds behind (working title) and also Afterwit.
And possibly 2 of the coolest cats we’ve met. So far anyways LOL say hi to Mustaffa and Calvin.

That’s them sitting on the roof of their hostel. That’s right. (working title) is on the ground floor of a hostel and this means there’s a great chance you’ll spot some really interesting people moving about from time to time and who knows you might even make a few friends by the end of your meal.

Working Title 19 Decor
Working Title 21 Boss Shot

Call it a Burger Bar. Call it a hostel cafe. Call it a hipster makan joint.
Whatever you wanna call it, you cannot call it mediocre. Because besides good food and a really great ambiance, (working title) also has a lot of character.

From the cozy corners to the little quirks (like different chairs at all the tables) to the art on the walls, we can see ourselves plonking ourselves there for pretty much the whole day just enjoying the atmosphere and the great food. You can also spot small (and big) artwork on the walls, some of which is done by the people who stay at the hostel from time to time.

One of our favourites is a series of photos on the wall titled ‘The Working Hands’ by Stephen Michetti.
It reminded us that following our dreams means working hard and most of the time, it’s our own hands that have to do the task no matter how big or small. A true testament to the hard work that the team at (working title) puts in to make it such a charming place to come and chillax and enjoy a burger. And Ribena Wings. And a smoothie. LOL


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48 Arab Street

Tel: 6298 8721

Facebook: www.facebook.com/workingtitlesg
Instagram: @workingtitle.sg

Operating Hours:
11.00am til 10.00pm Mondays to Thursdays
11.00am til 11.00pm Fridays
10.00am til 11.00 Saturdays and Sundays

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