As promised, here we are with our first review of Toasties!
We received 3 tip-offs within 12 hours and I actually went down that very evening but it was sooooo packo plus they had apparently run out of bread so I figured we’d come back another time.

The one thing we heard was that Toasties was the new ‘Halal Subway’. To be honest we were not really expecting much because we had heard this claim a few times before with other makan places so we figured we’d better check it out before we get too excited.

So tell us if any of this sounds familiar to you okay 🙂

So when you get in the queue at Toasties, you have to first of all choose your order.
You can actually choose between bread, Cheese Oven Baked Rice, Salad, Wrap or even Pizza!
This was definitely looking promising!

Next step is to choose your bread.
They have Crunchy, Honey Oats, Oregano Parmesan and Premium. In case you were wondering, YES THEY MAKE THEIR OWN BREAD! 

And of course you have to choose if you want a 6-inch or a Footlong.

And then of course, you have to choose your filling.

They divide their menu into different categories for easy selection and pricing.

Choose from the Premium (Italian Trio, Chicken Bacon or Beef Pastrami), the Classic (Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Turkey Ham or Garden Delight) or Special (Smoked Chicken Breast, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Beef or Beef Ham).

And of course you can choose what veggies you would like to have as well.

And lo and behold they toast up your sandwich for you and after you choose your veggies, choose from a variety of sauces to zest up your sandwich!

I’d say that so far things look promising but how was the food?

Italian Trio aka ‘The Manwich’ ($6.90)

So the Italian Trio is made up of Beef Salami, Beef Pepperoni and Beef Bacon (or least that’s what I gather from my expert analysis lol).

Somehow (as you can see from the picture above) we were left feeling a little bit underwhelmed.
When something is dubbed ‘The Manwich’, I have the impression that it’s such a massive or at least a massively packed sandwich that it’s really gonna be a mouthful. But in this case, it seems like it’s really really lacking in meat leh…

And just to let you know I’m not complaining as a guy who is a big eater… This was actually ordered by my Darling Wife and even she was left feeling like she could do with a bit more before she gets full…

Anyways, just for the record, she chose the Crunchy bread which has a nice crisp on the outside once it was toasted. The meat was not bad other than the fact that there was too little of it. Beef Bacon was a bit tough but I guess that’s pretty normal.

Sauces she chose were the Honey Mustard and the Mayo. Oh, and they’d run out of onions.

Grilled Beef ($6.40)

I had actually decided to go for the Beef Pastrami but they told me they’d run out. Pfffttt…
So I decided to go with the Grilled Beef because we all know I’m ‘The Meat Guy’ right?

Well, it turns out that the ‘Grilled Beef’ was actually a burger patty. I’m not sure if it was a Ramly Burger patty or not but I have to say it was seasoned really well. Just the meat on its own was pretty tasty. I went with just the Honey Mustard which gave a nice tang.

I went with the Oregano Parmesan bread which I normally quite like but this was a little strong on the Oregano seasoning. I didn’t get a chance to ask them if they baked their own bread because the queue was super long by the time we were done with out food but I think overall the bread we had was actually quite nice.

And I’m not sure if it was because I removed the juicy veggies like tomatoes but I found my sandwich to be a bit dry. A little hard to swallow after awhile without a gulp of drink even though there was sauce in the sandwich.

You actually have the option of making your meal a set with either Nachos or Cheesy Sausages plus a drink for an additional $2.90. They also have soups like Clam Chowder or Mushroom oup for $2.90 as well. That means you should prepare to fork out at least $10 or more when you go for the works.

Anyways, if you wanna add more meat or double meat or more cheese, there’s always that option but of course please be prepared to top-up accordingly.

Adam’s Verdict:
Grilled Beef 3.5/5 — Italian Trio 2/5

Maryah’s Verdict:
Italian Trio 3/5

Well, if the aim was to give the people a ‘Halal Subway’ then I think this is definitely the closest you’ll get to it so far here in Singapore. Prices are bit on the high side but what can I say. And I guess maybe because they just opened so they have a few teething issues here and there (e.g. running out of bread, ingredients etc) but I’m sure they’ll pick up in time.

Definitely plan on heading down again and hopefully this time we can get what we intended.
But it’s really great that they make their own bread! Nice and fresh!

And if the good people at Toasties are reading this somehow, a little feedback if you don’t mind.
Get a Facebook page or Instagram or something cos you guys could be huge. In the meantime, hope this review helps spread the word for you.

Salam Readers,

When The Halal Food Blog first visited Toasties, we spoke directly to the management and was informed that they had submitted their application for Halal certification and was pending approval.

Toasties Management has now clarified their stance and the situation still remains that Toasties is still pending approval for Halal certification. We do not know what name the application will be submitted under.

The Halal Food Blog Team acted based on information provided by the Toasties management which was deemed accurate at the time of posting. We apologize for any confusion this has caused and look forward to updating when the certificate from MUIS has been issued to Toasties.

Thank you.

Adam Shah
The Halal Food Blog



Blk 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1171

Operating Hours:
8am til Midnight Daily


  • I’m kinda confused that some consumers proclaimed that this is the only Halal subway. Err what about WhichSandwich that is still exist & been operating a year now? But still… I think WhichSandwich is the first Halal subway eateries. #justsaying

  • Saw your ig posts on Toasties and some negative remarks were made. Some consumers are just un-reasonable. Why does consumers/customers thought that getting Halal cert was easy-to-get esp for a new business company? Haiz. This is just saddening. :/

  • sounds like first 2 comments is the Which Sandwich peeps commenting on themself Lol

    I feel dat Which Sandwich now trying too many tings. Now got burgers and all but not much new sadnwich. How to consider Subway if don follow the same concept? Like funny gitu.
    Toasties really follow the concept like Subway where I can choose my own stuff.

    Anywayz its up to them. It is all tasty. But don’t be scared when got new competitors

    Enjoy yr blog keep it up!

    • Because Which Sandwich is daring enough to go further by setting up a new menu. At least not boring for their regular customers.

  • I am a little pissed at how some Muslims are simply trying to shoot down a newly opened cafe selling halal food. From a few friends, I heard that Toasties is wholly Muslim owned, but people on FB and IG are saying that they are NOT Muslim owned and they even said the staff themselves said that they are not Muslim owned. Plus MUIS is not helping by replying a generic reply.
    I feel that any effort in providing service in halal food business should be supported – especially when they majority of their employees are Muslims (unlike some big chains which will have an obligatory SINGLE Muslim staff at the cashier). Plus they are serving HALAL food.
    Really sad at the situation now.

    • Let’s hope Toasties will be a successful SME in Singapore despite the dispute they’re currently facing over the social media past few days now including here this blog.

      Well, y’know there’s always 2 sided story to hear.

  • You claimed yourself halal food blog.. “Halal”.. still cannot see? “HALAL”.. So you cannot anyhow recommend this shop when Muis already said they did not even ask for Muis certificate..

    Nampak sah you all never even bother to call Muis to confirm or not. So ni kirakan halal ikut sedap mulut je lah? Why even bother to set up this group halal food sg? You can even stated, individual own responsibilities to consume the food.. Maybe you should name your blog, ni blog-food-TAKSURE-halal.

    You have to be more responsible with what you post you know.. Because you used the word “halal” so end of the day kalau tak halal mcm mana?? Asal boleh je recommend org islam kita makan benda was-was.. eh tak rasa bersalah eh? Da pakai nama halal..

    Dan adalah org islam kita yg “pandai” sgt pikir kita nak jatuhkan kedai org islam baru bukak. Eh please eh bismillah pun tkde kat depan kedai.. Kalau lah pemilik dia org islam.. Mesti dia da terang2 akan clear kan nama dia..

    Tolong eh.. Jgn step nk bantu org islam kita bilang kedai mana halal ke tgh tunggu cert halal but you never take the responsibility when your info is wrong! And on top of that owner dia its not even a Muslim..

    Where is your “halal” credibility? Da aku cakap tadi, you all halal ikut sedap hati.. Benci aku orang2 mcm gini.

    • The blogger has the right to review what has been rave over the social media. So as other customers too. As stated, they even made enquiries. The blogger have done his best to provide the info as well as to highlight the MAIN POINT. Well, if you don’t like looking up his reviews here, I suggest you shouldn’t be here and google other blogs instead. I’m pretty sure other blogs have the bestest and meticulous info. I believe his reviews are his two cents and not being paid.


    • Are you his friend? No? Then you must be an idiot.. Because he certainly uses the word halal. And on top of that opening a page and blog abt halal food review. I dont mind if its his own “personal” taste of food. Can’t deny some muslims don’t really mind eating was-was food like you? :p but you cannot just said he tried his best, he hasn’t. This is not the best. Because he merely confirming its halal from the staff’s mouth. Its not abt i like his review or not but fyi, i didn’t even like his page from the start. But this is about taking responsibility that he has started a halal food page. So for obvious reason, his halal has no credibility. Saying some food is halal and actually is not halal or he himself not sure.. Then why he posted it? Do you get me? If you still don’t, then don’t try to tell me he means well or he will update. He should update it by now. Saying he is sorry that its actually not halal and will remove this post. Update again when its certified. Its so simple. Again, take responsibility or shut it down. Like you mentioned, there are many halal food reviews. So if his not 100% halal food then why bother? Oh again, I forgot.. Im replying to an idiot, the MAIN POINT, his blog stated “halal” and many muslims liking his page on fb. So by due respect, take responsible to give honest halal review.

      And yes, Allah knows best.

    • Eh2 kakak… marah nampak.. tanye sikit boleh… kedai melayu n kedai mamak kat kedai kopi 1 singapore ni ade halal cert tak? gi complain ah dgn muis kalau takde… bodoh

    • Kau lah BODOH, ckp org bodoh.Kalau owner melayu tak payah amek sijil halal ngok! And kedai mamak, kau jgn makan yg hindu punye, lain lah kalau kau tak tahu bezakan mamak Islam.dgn mamak hindu, sbb semu kau bedal.mcm.blogger ni..2×5

    • Sudah tentu kedai pemilik orang islam buat apa nak ada sijil halal bodoh ni kes pemilik bukan islam.. kau lah bodoh

    • Ish. Tak payah gaduh gaduh la. I know everybody is entitled to an opinion but reaching to the level if name calling, thats childish. Just state your claim and if others disagree, just be mature about it. Peace. 🙂

  • Salam,
    If it is not yet halal, then don’t post something when it isn’t. I suggest u put down this article. Repost it again ONLY when MUIS has validate and issue the halal cert. Pls be a responsible blogger.

    • I believe the blogger WILL UPDATE again in time to come when Toasties announce their MUIS Halal Cert.

    • Blogger perangai yahudi.. tau nak sesat kan orang ajer taruk nama halal food blog abeh makan tempat tak jamin halal oleh muis..

    • Sape yang berperangai yahudi sekarang ni?Kau ke blogger. Astargfiruallah. boleh murtad lah! Do u think its easy to receive a halal certificate? What about u try to open a cafe and see how long it takes to receive a halal certified certificate from muis. Jgn nak sembarangan ckp ye anon. Selagi the ingredients they used is halal certified,Then its halal. Jgn nak spread fitnah without proofs. Sedar ape kau dah ckp .

  • This is absurd. Tanda-tanda dunia sudah nak kiamat. Yang berat diringankan, yang haram dihalalkan. May Allah swt forgive our sins. Bring down this article..

    • Saya berharap anda membaca apa yang telah dimaklumkan di atas.

      Also, I believe the blogger’s intention is to pen off his review and a mere two cents only. if dubious, please don’t consume for the time being until MUIS approve it.

  • This is not the 1st time halal food blog make a fool of themselves. Earlier this yr, it was krispy kreme and they claimed it was Halal when the outlet itself said they r not.Ridiculuos isn’t????!!! Then when this self proclaimed food blogger started their blog, they blogged about nasi lemak kukus which apparently NOT HALAL!..and again they said from halal source, it makes me wonder are they the one providing the sources for this shop which is definitely NOT HALAL!!!

    The blog name SHOULD change to “the-tak-was-was-halal-food-blog”

    • If you claim yourself as a smart-aleck on a regular, I highly suggest you to set up a blog and do food reviews as similar as him and spread your words to other social media. But I doubt you won’t, because you’re being lazy. HAHA!

  • To our valued customers:

    Heartfelt Thanks to all our customers for their strong support since our opening on 29th September.

    We are certainly obliged to clarify to all our Muslim patrons that our business was started with the intention to serve our Muslim community the most awaited subs. Thus, we have ensured that all requirements to be certified Halal is well met.

    Though Toasties management are non-Muslim, kindly be assured that our suppliers are Halal certified and the food handlers are also Muslim.

    Our submission for Halal certification was delayed due to change of our company name just before our opening. Rest assured that the submission will be done within the next few days. Meanwhile thank you all for your patience, kind understanding and the wonderful support extended to us.

    Do visit our Facebook page for further updates!

    Yours Sincerely,

  • Is this the no pork no lard food blog? Good job for misleading our fellow muslim.. think you should learn more about halal and haram before setting up a halal food blog.. so many new halal food joints go and review a was was non muslim owned food joint..

    • Eh bodoh!muslim stall does not requires them to take halal cert! Drg org islam tak payah amek sijil.
      Yg si Toasties ni owner bkn org Islam, yg pegi pandai2 ckp halal apesal? Oh lupa, tak was was eh..bagus blogger ni dgn isterinya, mkn tanpa was was, mcm advertisement di malaysia “gunakan tanpa was was” yg utk drg blh kasi slogan “makanlah tanpa was was”


  • u all go eat at coffee shops, the indian muslims n malay muslims got halal cert or not? Don’t have right.. y never complain to MUIS? pls dun be stupid la.. y would a muslim wanna let another muslim eat non-halal food.. it is just a cert.. when u all go overseas, dun tell me u won’t eat if there is no halal cert…

    • Another stupid person!
      It is not just a cert! It is a cert that can differentiate if the food is from Halal source or non halal source.but then again, if tak was was bedal je ah, mcm.blogger ni

  • I don’t really understand what the big hoo haa is about here. It is up to individual discretion about what they decide is halal for them and what is not. Why even in some scripts crabs and lobsters are also considered maktooh but ppl still whack them. The certification is just paper anyway. Ppl overseas do not have the previlge of having places fully halal certified before they eat in them.

    • The big hoo haa here is because the blog itself are named as HALALFOODBLOG thus by right they have to blog abt restaurant or eateries that is HALAL and not CERTIFIED HALAL BY THE STAFF.

      u just imagine a muslim tourist plan to visit Sg and wanted to find halal food.she googled and found this blog.AND this blog are ‘asal.boleh makan, tak was-was makan je ah, at ur own risk’, how does that potray the identity of sg? Makan tanpa was was?

    • Then all tourist has to do is walk in and ask if thr place was halal. Besides if anyone was to google down this blog, thr author has already mentioned clearly that the certification is not complete yet. Then it would be up to individual discretion again. Anyways kudos to the author and ur efforts. Don let any negative. Comments affect u guys

  • I think the anonymous that reply to all comments is the blogging himself think his name is adam?? Or his darling wife, Maryah,that he always mentioned.So defensive in all the reply.dun think a normal tom dick or harry would want to bother so much in replying unless it is affliated to this so called halal – food-blog NOT.

    • Hi. I’m Adam and you can clearly see my profile here. And when I post something, even a comment, I am not a coward to post as Anonymous. So fuck you.

      Before you accuse me, my wife or even any of my readers, please think twice. We don’t owe you shit.

      Talk so much about commenting as Anonymous. What about you?
      LOL eh please lah don’t stir shit here lah okay.

    • Ah banyak bagus ah ni blogger halal food blog dah makan sembarang.. bahasa pon banyak cantik kan.. halal sangat lah kau peh bahasa.. puik!

  • Maybe this Anonymous is one of those idiots trying to be rightful but sendiri tak betol…hahaha…..

  • they totally got my order wrong. waited for half an hour for my sandwich to be done. and the music is too loud. NOT RECOMMENDED.

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