The Work Table Confections – Durian Chantilly Mille Crepe

I’m pretty sure you all remember our original feature on The Work Table Confections right?
Well, we’re reporting back with another gorgeous creation from her and one that’s sure to make plenty of you out there to go “Oooooh!”

And yes, it is as satisfying as it is decadent!

Durian Chantilly Mille Crepe
Durian Chantilly Mille Crepe

As if the original Mille Crepe wasn’t gorgeous enough, here’s something even more tempting – Durian version!

Oh yeah that’s right all you durian lovers can rejoice!
(If no likey durian no problem still got original and chocolate Mille Crepe okay LOL)

The Worktable Confections - Durian Chantilly Millecrepe 03
The Worktable Confections - Durian Chantilly Millecrepe 04

So of course we have the skilfully prepared and assembled layers of ulta-thin crepes that have XO Durian and Chantilly cream in between those layers. Oh you can’t see if from those pics.. that’s how much skill and work it took to make it look that good while still hiding the best stuff in between LOL

And to top it all off, there are these little mini-choux pastries on top with even more tasty filling within!

The Worktable Confections - Durian Chantilly Millecrepe 06

That pic kinda says it all. And it makes me wanna have a few slices all to myself!

The Mille Crepe cakes are perfect for hosting parties and gatherings at your place and even great as gift if you’re visiting someone! Confirm plus chop everyone is gonna be super impressed because this is still a very unique type of cake/dessert that’s definitely got that WOW factor.

Besides the Mille Crepes, you can also check out the whole range of creations on offer at The Work Table Confections’ Facebook page and Instagram account too including her range of Lactation-friendly cakes too! (Yeah it’s all in our original feature too!)

To order, drop her a direct message on her Facebook page or drop her an SMS at 82415221!

The Worktable Confections - Logo IIThe Work Table Confections

SMS: 82415221







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