SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng by #AzizahCanCook

I’ve always seen the posts online for the SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng and the SuperShiok Sambal but heaven knows what took me so long to try it. I mean, @etrangle aka Diah Mastura posts such awesome photos of it and always looks sooooo sedap so I figured that there was no better time than this Ramadhan to enjoy this for Iftar with the family one weekend.

So last weekend, we decided to go for it.
But before we get to the makan part, let me tell you a quick story.

After literally picking up the SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng, I was on my way home after fetching my Mum, Wife and Daughter nearby, our car broke down. Like literally in the middle of the road you know what I mean. And that was like 5pm. So by the time we managed to park the car at home (still rosak by the way) and get home, it was like 10 minutes to Iftar.

So please forgive the lack of photos for this fantastic serving of Nasi Ambeng okay!

SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng 04

First of all, let me point out that I was really impressed by the packing of the Nasi Ambeng.
I mean, I don’t order much Nasi Ambeng to makan at home so it was great to see that all the components were arranged so nicely plus some of them even packed individually like the Ayam Lemak Chili Padi and Urap.

So we didn’t have time to unpack everything onto a large dulang I’m afraid so we made do with what we had!

SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng 01
SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng 02

So for (the REALLY great) price of $15, you will enjoy a hearty serving of Thai fragrant rice, Ayam Lemak Chili Padi (1/4 chicken), Rendang Daging Padang, Sambal Goreng Berlado, Paru Goreng Berempah, Bagedil Berdaging Special, Terong Berlado, Urap Ambeng, Acar Timun Ambeng, Kacang & Ikan Bilis Sambal, Serunding and that famous SuperShiok Sambal too.

WOW! That’s like 12 different components and really generous servings too!
It’s stated that all that is a serving for 1 pax but I think you can just cook some extra rice and all the lauk and stuff can share between 2 people. Super generous and worth the price if you ask me.

SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng 08
SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng 06
SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng 07
SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng 05

I can safely say that the whole family was really impressed with the food and everyone was heartily digging in to the Nasi Ambeng which is always the best way!

Stand-out stars of the Nasi Ambeng have to be the Rendang Daging Padang, Ayam Lemak Chili Padi (power to the max says Mein bruder) and of course, the SuperShiok Sambal. Looks like they were not kidding when they said that #AzizahCanCook LOL power! Just add some of your other favourite stuff *ahem salted egg ahem* and set!

In fact, we’ve decided to have a stand-alone post for the SuperShiok Sambal and SuperShiok Sambal Kicap LOL so look out for that one in future!

So how exactly can you order the SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng?
Well, head down to their website and Instagram and you can get full details on not only the SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng but all the products on offer including the SuperShiok Sambal range. #AzizahCanCook also has Nasi Kuning, Nasi Rawon and Nasi Jenganan too from time to time!

For me, I’d advise you to follow @etrangle on Instagram because that’s how I get my updates 😛

Their order period is on the ball and they have limited stock so be sure you order early to avoid disappointment. The SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng is available for Sundays (from what we see lah so far). Self-collection is from Pasir Ris but they have delivery option for $10 island-wide!

I’ve always loved Nasi Ambeng because of the idea that everyone comes together to eat it. Even if you don’t eat it off a giant dulang (which is quite rare lah nowadays) and dish it out onto individual plates, there’s still that feeling that everyone is enjoying great food off the same plate. I’ve always loved that idea of Nasi Ambeng – togetherness.

And even better if the Nasi Ambeng is sedap like this one.


lanchillicrablogohi-resSuperShiok Nasi Ambeng by #AzizahCanCook
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