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We’ve only got a few favourite places to go to for good ol’ hawker-style Mamak food and it’s always exciting when someone tells us there’s a place we haven’t tried yet that might just make us keep going back for more. And guess what people – we’ve found such a place…. We present to you Srisun Express!!

Now like we’ve said, everyone’s got a preference and opinion on what they like and some people are pretty insistent that nothing can beat their ‘favourite’ but if you don’t try something new, you won’t know right? So it was with an open mind that we decided to drop by Srisun Express one sunny morning and see what all the buzz was about. We’d passed by a few times before but never really thought to go in. Now we wish we had!

And now that we were finally here, what a feast we had!
But let’s start slow shall we?


Mee Goreng Special
Mee Goreng Special ($7.50)

Here’s something that we saw being served somewhere else a long time ago and we thought to ourselves “Whoa! Are you sure? Better be extra hungry!!”

So you’ve got some tasty Mamak Mee Goreng packed full of goodies including the must-have Bullseye (aka Mata Lembu) sitting pretty on top. And if that’s not enough, check out the side of fresh hot Cheese Fries! I’m not sure about you but honestly it sounds really weird to think about Mee Goreng with Cheese Fries. But if we had not tried it, we would never have believed how power the combination is!


Mee Goreng Special 04Mee Goreng Special 05
Come on admit it.. those pics have your mouth watering right!

The Mee Goreng on its own already power! Tasty and just the right amount of spicy to make you keep going whack more and more. And as you can see all kinds of goodies in the mee including chili padi! Power!

For some reason, the Cheese Fries really went well with the Mee Goreng. Really surprising! Maybe it was the contrast between the spicy noodles and the cheese/mayo combo that did it for us. Or maybe it’s because we love Mee Goreng and Cheese Fries so much! Put the 2 together and it’s double happiness! LOL


Bee Hoon Goreng Special
Bee Hoon Goreng Special

And don’t worry – they also have your favourite variations too!

Nasi Goreng Special, Bee Hoon Goreng Special, Kway Teow Goreng Special and of course – Maggi Goreng Special!!
Campur-campur also can!

Anyways, if you’re not feeling that hungry, then go for the just the normal goreng-goreng also can.
No pressure! LOL But it’s a real challenge to resist the Cheese Fries!


Coin Prata ($5.00)
Coin Prata ($5.00)

Before we start on the really heavy makan (yeah so far it’s been considered the ‘light’ stuff LOL), we decided to try something else pretty new to us – Coin Prata!

These are basically miniature roti prata from what we can see right? So why should you have this instead of the usual prata? Well, because they are smaller, they get a little crispier! So if that’s your thing, this is the one for you!


Coin Prata 02Mutton Curry
Enjoy the crispy goodness of your Coin Prata with your fave curry! We went for the Mutton Curry (above) because that’s just how we roll.

The Coin Prata actually come in a few variations by the way.
The ones we had we plain but they also offer Chicken, Mutton or Sardine so it ends up being kind of like a Murtabak deal which is all the better if you ask us.

And of course, all kinds of prata too. Seriously a lot! Okay fine.
We shall name them all for you right here! *deep breath*

Plain (kosong), Egg (telur), Onion (bawang), Double egg, Plaster, Egg Onion (telur bawang), Egg Chili, Egg Cheese, Egg Garlic, Egg Onion Chilli, Egg Onion Cheese, Mushroom, Mushroom Egg, Durian (!!!), Banana, Banana Cheese, Butter, Cheese, Cheese and Onion, Egg, Cheese and Onion, Cheese and Honey, Cheese and Mushroom, Corn, Chilli, Garlic, Hotdog, Kaya, Mango, Masala, Milo, Prata Bom, Prata Bom with Cheese, Pineapple, Tissue, Tissue with Cheese, Tissue with Chocolate, Tissue with Milk, Banana Paper, Banana Ice-Cream Paper, Banana and Honey, Chocolate Paper, Chocolate Ice-Cream Paper, Chocolate and Banana Paper, Nutella, Milky Paper, Milky Ice-Cream, Honey Paper, Ice-Cream Paper.

ZOMG That’s 7 lines of prata right there! And that’s just from the menu mind you! Who knows what else your imagination can come up with??

Oh and since we’re on the topic of prata and Coin Prata…


Kid's Meal ($2.50)
Kid’s Meal ($2.50)

Have you ever had a problem when eating out with your kids?

Well, we haven’t reached that stage with Alyssa yet but I can imagine when the time comes that it’ll be either not being able to find suitable food for her or not being able to get something in the right portion. After all, we can’t be ordering an adult-sized meal right?

Well, fret not everyone! Srisun Express has Kid’s Meals to offer!!

So for $2.50 (which is super duper reasonable) you get 3 Coin Prata, some fruits and also Yakult!
The Coin Prata can either be plain, Mini-Sausage or even Nutella for all you with a sweet tooth. But it’s good to see it balanced out with some fruits (which is always good for the kids) and even Yakult which kids absolutely love.
Serving size is also just nice if you ask us.

You would think that we’ve had our fill at this point but we are just only starting on the main feast!


Spread 01Spread 04
Now you can see what we mean when we said FEAST!!
And not just a feast for your eyes but for your tummies too!!

But never mind let’s not gabra zebra. Let’s go in a proper order so we don’t miss anything out okay.


Garlic Naan 01
Garlic Naan ($3.20) and Cheese Naan ($4.00)
Butter Naan ($3.20) and Kashmiri Naan ($3.20)
Kulcha Naan ($3.20) and Kashmiri Naan ($3.20)

So when you’re having Tandoori you know you’re gonna definitely order Naan right?!

Well it’s definitely a must for us and I have to say that when we’ve had Tandoori in recent times in our neighbourhood makan places, the dishes may be okay but the Naan was just so-so at most. We’d have to go all the way to Serangoon area in order to find some proper Naan… But not anymore! Now we can come to Srisun Express!


Cheese Naan
Cheese Naan ($4.00)
Garlic Naan 02
Garlic Naan ($3.20)

So these are probably two of the more popular Naan choices around.

Okay so we can’t really see the cheese from the outside in that picture but trust us the cheese is awaiting you beneath the surface! Make sure you have it piping hot for maximum enjoyment!
But the Garlic Naan one you can definitely see how generous they are so you can really enjoy the garlic flavour not only with just the Naan alone but also when you dip into your dishes (which are coming up soon!)


Butter Naan 02
Kulcha Naan ($3.20)
Kashmiri Naan ($3.20)
Kashmiri Naan ($3.20)

Kulcha Naan is another familiar favourite for sure with sesame seeds and coriander leaves but how about Kashmiri Naan? You might have seen it on menus before but have you ever tried it? What is it exactly?

Well, it’s actually Naan topped with some candied fruit and also some nuts too which kind of give it that sweet-savoury flavour to it. It’s great to just eat on its own too! Something new to try if you have not yet done so!

Anyways they’ve also got good old Plain Naan, Onion Naan and even Keema Naan (it’s literally Naan stuffed with the Mutton Keema!)


Tandoori Chicken ($7.00)
Tandoori Chicken ($7.00)

Tandoor = Tandoori Chicken for most people and that includes us. Maybe it’s just something satisfying about having a nice big tender piece of chargrilled chicken that’s been spiced and marinated and it’s been sitting in that burning hot tandoor oven in preparation to satisfy you!

And at Srisun Express, the Tandoori Chicken does not disappoint!


Tandoori Chicken 03
I kid you not – we could not get over how juicy and tender the chicken meat was!
The outside was charred just nice and once you cut into the chicken, you’ll realize how well this chicken has been prepared and cooked. And when you bite into the chicken meat, you’re gonna be able to taste all those spices and the distinctive smoky flavour of the tandoor. Simply mouth-watering!

We’ve had Tandoori Chicken before and it’s not always been that great.
Not only was the Tandoori Chicken the bomb in terms of flavour, the price was really reasonable too!
Just goes to show that you don’t need to have to spend so much to have a good and authentic dining experience.


Hariyali Kebab ($7.00)
Hariyali Kebab ($7.00)
Spread 02
(From top left clockwise) Palak Paneer, Chicken Do Piyaza, ???, Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobi, Mutton Rogan Josh

Besides the usual dishes, we also decided to try something new that we never thought we’d try… but luckily we did because we realized there’s more than just Tandoori Chicken to enjoy!! LOL

So what exactly is a Haryali Kebab? Well, firstly let us confirm for you that it is definitely Chicken Meat. Yeah we know it might be a bit hard to tell with that shade of colouring right? Why is it green anways?

Well, they actually coat the chicken meat with a whole load of stuff including coriander, mint, spinach and so many other things we’re sure so it gives the chicken meat this green hue. The chicken is then skewered and then cooked in the tandoor. So this mean you not only have really flavourful chicken meat, you’re also gonna have it nice, tender and juicy thanks to the tandoor!

Comes with some mint sauce too!


Hariyali Kebab 02
And just so you know, there are many other Tandoori dishes for you to choose from besides those two.
You’ve also got the standard Chicken Tikka and even non-poultry like Fish Tikka and Prawn Tikka too!

Well, besides the Tandoori dishes, let’s take a look at some of the other dishes we can enjoy with our Naan.


(From top left clockwise) Palak Paneer, Chicken Do Piyaza, ???, Mutton Rogan Josh, Aloo Gobi, Butter Chicken
(From top left clockwise) Palak Paneer, Chicken Do Piyaza, Bindhi Masala, Mutton Rogan Josh, Aloo Gobi, Butter Chicken Masala

Woowee we wish we could have squeezed in more but as you can probably guess, we were already enjoying so much yummy food! Okay we go one by one as usual okay… Don’t want you to miss out on anything…


Butter Chicken Masala ($7.00)
Butter Chicken Masala ($7.00)

Fuyoh! Check that out!

Okay lah to be honest we are suckers for Butter Chicken. It’s like the MUST HAVE when we makan Naan (together with Palak Paneer which we will talk about later on)

The Butter Chicken Masala at Srisun Express is super. It came nice and hot so that was a plus! When you kena one time dipping into it with some Naan… tsk tsk I tell you… really power. Nice and creamy but still with the element of spiciness. The chicken was really tender too!


Chicken Do-Piyaza ($7.00)
Chicken Do-Piyaza ($7.00)

Like I said, normally we will just order Butter Chicken and Palak Paneer and be done with it cos we love them so much so all these other dishes we are trying for the first time (literally).

The Chicken Do-Piyaza was a complete surprise. We thought since got tomato slice on top means maybe not so spicy but this does pack a very welcome punch! It’s not overpoweringly spicy but it’s got a very strong and distinct spiciness to it that’ll make you keep going back for more of that spicy goodness. Yeah we saw the tomato slice on top but look closely for the dried chillies in the dish too!


Bindhi Masala ($5.00)

Bindhi (aka Bendi aka Ladyfingers aka Okra) is quite a common sight in curries and Masalas.
I’m not sure about you but if there’s any ladyfingers in curries or even Asam Pedas, I’m confirm gonna go and scoop it up first while I can 😛

Well all you Okra lovers no need to fight or rush. Just order this dish and everyone will be able to enjoy a tasty serving of their fave veggies with a tasty masala to go along too.

Mutton Rogan Josh ($7.00)
Mutton Rogan Josh ($7.00)

If you feel like you’ve been having all chicken dishes and you’re looking for some red meat, then there are mutton dishes for you to choose from!

The Mutton Rogan Josh is a good choice if you want to have a nice spicy curry to go along.
If not, you can also choose from the Mutton Do-Piyaza (which is pretty much like the Chicken Do-Piyaza above but with Mutton instead like duh!), Bhuna Mattar or the Keema Mattar too.


Aloo Gobi $5.00)
Aloo Gobi $5.00)

This is one of the first Indian dishes I ever had when I was a young(er) man.
This is a classic dish of cauliflower and potato and all kinds of spices to make it a delectable dish. I guess there’s just something about the combination that I like.

Some of you are probably shuddering at the thought of cauliflowers but try it! Sedap!


Palak Paneer ($6.00)
Palak Paneer ($6.00)

This is one of the all-time faves (along with Butter Chicken) and is auto-order when we have Naan.

Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a creamy and mildly spiced concoction made with spinach. Seems like something pretty simple and straight-forward right but trust us – we have had some really bad ones in the past! Thankfully the Palak Paneer at Srisun was super! I believe a lot of you also order this when you have your Naan but for those who have not, this is your chance and this is a great place to have it!

And in case you’re wondering just what exactly the cottage cheese looks like…


Palak Paneer 02
Yeah look past the green gravy and see the cottage cheese in all it’s pure glory!
Cottage cheese actually had a pretty mild flavour but its’ great with the gravy here and you can still get the hints of cheese. A must-try for cheese lovers especially! Cheese in a new (and delicious) way!

Well we obviously need something to wash all the food down with right?


Iced Teh O Lychee ($2.80)
Iced Teh O Lychee ($2.80)

Okay maybe I’m the jakun again because I had never seen Iced Teh O Lychee before and I didn’t even know it was possible but everyone at the table looked at me like I was crazy for not knowing… Learn something new everyday LOL

Nice and refreshing plus you get some sweet desserts too! Go for the Longan version if you’d prefer!


Milo Le Creme ($3.00) and Cappuccino Le Creme ($3.50)
Milo Le Creme ($3.00) and Cappuccino Le Creme ($3.50)

For all your coffee and Milo lovers check this out!
Definitely a change from just the normal or even from the Milo Godzilla (which they have too by the way!)


Yakult Fruit Juices
Yakult Fruit Juices ($3.50)

Here’s something that really caught our attention – Yakult Fruit Juices!
The ones above are (from left to right) Watermelon, Orange and Green Apple.

These were super refreshing especially on a hot and humid day. To be honest one won’t be enough!
Icy cold goodness that goes really well with all the spicy food you’re having too!

Srisun Express actually has a long list of drinks (even longer that their list of prata!!) which includes faves like all the Sirap and all the Kopi and all the Teh and the White/Black Spider and all the fancy drinks. If I list here then this post will go on and on LOL so take your time to read the menu when you drop by Srisun okay!

But you know you can’t go wrong with…


Teh Tarik ($1.00)
Teh Tarik ($1.00)

Nothing like a nice hot glass of good ol’ Teh Tarik am I right?
Great to wash down your meal (especially prata!) and even better when having a chit-chat with friends.


Srisun Interior
We thought it’d be worth mentioning that they also have an indoor seating area at Srisun Express!
This is open during certain times of the day or when there’s a really big crowd so look out for it just to the side of the normal outdoor seating area.

The indoor seating area is air-conditioned so we reckon it must be really popular when it’s open. But hey sometimes it’s the atmosphere of the outdoor dining that makes a difference so it really depends on the individual 🙂

Anyways, this space is also great in case you want to have a private function or celebration too!
Maybe a big family celebration? Office function! Definitely should consider Srisun Express!!


When you drop by Srisun Express, be sure to check out this special promo and the chance to win some freebies!
With every $30 spent (which should be no problem with all the delicious food to choose from!), you get the chance at a FREE SPIN!!


Spin 01
You have the
chance to win freebies and goodies ranging from Set Meals to dishes to drinks too!
No blank spaces on that wheel as you can see so this is a SURE WIN GUARANTEE PLUS CHOP GONNA GET SOMETHING PROMO!!

Simply put – you makan, spend at least $30 and you get the chance to win free makan. Power or what!!

Anyways like we said, there’s so many things to choose from on the extensive menu at Srisun Express. We’ve only just covered a few dishes here and there are so many more to try so we’re definitely heading back again!!

What’s next on our sights when we visit next?
Roti John! Thosai! Nasi Ayam! Briyani! Murtabak! And something called.. Masala Buffalo Wings!!

With more than 10 years under their belt, it looks like Srisun Express have taken things to the next level and we’re more than excited to come along and see what other tasty treats we can find there! Let’s see what other exciting stuff they can come up with! Watch this space!!


Srisun ExteriorSrisun Express

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