This is the FIRST Halal/Muslim-Owned food truck we have come across in Singapore!!

They serve “Thai fusion food in a cup” hence the name Sawadee CUP (geddit geddit). Totally loved the Basil Chicken Aglio Olio!! Also try their Garlic Shrimp Aglio Olio and snacks like Popcocn Chix and Fried Potato Fries (choose different flavours like Tom Yum, Spicy or Sweet Corn!)

PRO TIP: Add some spicy Sriracha Chili Sauce to add a fiery kick to you food!!

We first saw them at Punggol Waterway Park last month and we’re always on the lookout to see where they will pop-up next! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to get updates okay!!

PS yesssss that guy in the middle is Adam, the 987 DJ. (Damn nice name he’s got!)



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