Ramadhan 2016 Special: UYI

If you have not heard of the latest craze these days, then you must be blur like SOTONG! LOL
Geddit geddit? *crickets*

Well, I say SOTONG because that’s exactly what UYI specializes in! Whether it be deep fried or grilled, UYI is the original trendsetter when it comes to giant squid!

Don’t you remember us posting about them at the Geylang Serai Bazaar in 2015? Well, back then they were still known by their old name – Encik Sotong – but since they opened up their outlet at Bugis, the name UYI is the name that everyone associates with the the giant sotong.

Well, the outlet at Bugis Junction is still fully operational during Ramadhan but you can also find UYI at the Geylang Serai Bazaar too!

So what exactly is on the menu at UYI eh?

UYI Bazaar 02
UYI Bazaar 01
UYI Bazaar 03

First up is the Grilled Giant Squid!

These squids are grilled for the perfect amount of time (which is apparently optimum at 7 minutes) which means that they are cooked just nice so they have a nice bite and are not too chewy (which happens a lot to squid that is overcooked). It’s a good thing the people at UYI know what they are doing so you have a nice and tender squid!

So they will coat your grilled squid with some tasty Obasan sauce! This is kinda like a savoury sauce that will coat your squid and you have a choice of non-spicy BBQ or go for the Fiery Obasan Sauce which is definitely the #1 top choice by the looks of it. How can you resist that extra bit of spicy!

You can also see that they coat the squid very generously with the sauce so you are going to enjoy every bite.

Well, if Grilled Squid is not your thing, then perhaps some deep fried goodness is in order!

UYI Bazaar 04
UYI Bazaar 05
UYI Bazaar 06

So the giant squid are breaded up an deep fried to a golden brown crispy perfection.
And even thought they get nice and fried up, they still remain tender! I guess it all has to do with that cooking time plus they use quality ingredients too.

Once the squid have been deep fried, then you get to choose which flavoured powder you’d like to coat your sotong.

They have Original, Curry, Sour Plum, Salt & Pepper, Seaweed & Pepper and the top favourite choice – SPICY!

UYI Bazaar 10
UYI Bazaar 08
UYI Bazaar 07
UYI Bazaar 09

So after a generous sprinkling of your powder of choice, you’re all set to chomp down into your GIANT SQUID! And when I say giant, I really mean giant okay. These things are probably bigger than your face (unless you have a really big face LOL). Gives a whole new meaning to the term #sotongface am I right?

You will also be glad to know that Giant Squid is not the only thing on the menu at UYI. They have some other goodies for you to consider as well.

UYI Bazaar 14
UYI Bazaar 15

If you are looking for another sotong snack to enjoy on the go while you stroll around the bazaar then how about the deep fried Sotong Head? You can also choose which powder you’d like to go along with these crispy bites.

UYI Bazaar 16
UYI Bazaar 12
UYI Bazaar 13

If you are looking for some prawns instead of squid, UYI definitely has you covered.

Right at the top, you’ll see their seasoned and deep fried prawns. Kinda like popcorn shrimp now that I think about it. Great for popping as a snack that’s for sure.

They have Grilled Prawns too! Check out that char on the outer layer of those prawns! Baste on some of that spicy Obasan sauce and you are all set! Confirmed sedap gila! Freshly cooked, hot-hot and full of flavour!

UYI is located at the Geylang Serai Bazaar near the Darul Arqam area. They operate starting around 4pm in the afternoon and will stretch all the way til bazaar closing which should be around midnight every day (maybe even later on weekends!) How to spot the stall? Just look for the long queue!

But if you are not in the mood to head to the bazaar, you can still get your UYI fix at their outlet in Bugis Junction which is still operational as usual. Click HERE to read about that outlet!

UYI Bazaar 17