Ramadhan 2016 Special: SaltedEggCrisps

Salted Egg Crisps 01

So one day, one of our readers drops us a message on Instagram.
And in this message, the words “Salted Egg” were used and there nothing more that needed to be said LOL

So I’m not sure if you have heard but the Salted Egg craze is still going strong and one of the more interesting snacks that includes this (favouritest) ingredients is potato chips. But so far, we have only seen them coming out of Hong Kong and these were obviously not something we could eat.

Well, that’s all changed now because we have a chance to try this sought after snack!
Salted Egg Crisps 02
Salted Egg Crisps 04

Are you drooling yet??? Because we definitely are!

These potato crisps are coated with Salted Egg and it is absolutely glorious!
The flavour is very distinct and you will definitely enjoy the strong flavour of the salted egg with these addictive crisps. You’re gonna keep going back for more and more for sure LOL

The potato crisps are… crisp (like duh) and have a great bite to them so definitely great as a snack.
Fans of salted egg will definitely appreciate that we can finally enjoy it here!

The flavour is evident in every crisp you chomp down on but the best part is when you come across hose crisps that are completely covered with the salted egg LOL delicious! And I thought the curry leaves here and there were a very nice touch!
Salted Egg Crisps 05

But I will say that I found it a bit pricy if I can be absolutely honest.
I bought 3x  packets of 120g for $6 each.

But now that I think about it, I guess we are paying a premium because, well, it’s not exactly something I can just go to the supermarket and get am I right? It’s a pretty unique product and I guess when you factor everything in, it’s a product that is tasty. And I have to thank them because at least we have the chance to enjoy them 🙂

Checked their Instagram and saw that there is a Hari Raya promotion now on actually.
500g packets are going for $22 so it’s a good time to stock up for Raya. Your guests are going to go absolutely crazy over these chips I’m telling you LOL

Check out their Instagram account @saltedeggcrisps and send them a DM if you’d like to place an order.

But be sure to buy an extra big packet for yourselves especially if you are big Salted Egg fans.
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