Ramadhan 2015 Specials – Hello Soda

So my Darling Wife tells me about something she saw on Facebook (or was it Instagram) about Adam’s Corner having a really big and stylish-looking booth at the Geylang Serai Bazaar this year. We had visited Adam’s Corner at their actual restaurant when they used to be near Serangoon (both old and new) and we knew they were famous for dishes like all those Mamak goreng-goreng plus their Bubur Taiwan too.

But what exactly were they selling there at the bazaar?

Well yes they have some food like Bubur Taiwan, Nasi Kuning and even snacks like Cheese Fries and Fish And Chips there but it was something else that caught our eye when we visited.


So something called Hello Soda seemed to be causing quite a stir. We realized it was something close to home when we saw ‘Air Botol Sudin’ displayed proudly on the label so it was probably either local or something from across the Causeway (turns out to be the latter by the way).

So we inquired within and found out there were 5 different flavours.
They were selling at $2.50 per bottle or $7.00 for 3. So we bought 12 bottles – 2 of each flavour plus 2 extras.
Hey. We like to be thorough okay. Plus I love soda. LOL


So they have 5 flavours like we said – Strawberry, Grape, Banana, Soda and Cola.

They were all actually pretty tasty. They were all actually pretty familiar flavours too. Nothing super unique here. Just sticking to the flavours that everyone seems comfortable with. The Soda flavour is kinda like Ice Cream Soda by the way in case you were wondering.

But we wanna ask you all something.

I’m very sure at least some of you reading this now have probably bought and tried at least one bottle of Hello Soda. So for those who have tried it, can you please answer one question for me – Was your soda flat?

When I say flat, I mean was it still fizzy when you had it? Because every single one of the 12 bottles we bought was flat. So it turns out we had 12 bottles of ‘air sirap’ instead of sodas. Not that I am complaining by the way because they were still pretty tasty. But I guess we were just expecting a fizzy drink instead of non-gassy beverage.

It was kinda weird because the ingredients list on the label clearly stated that carbonated water was involved. And we consumed the ‘sodas’ as soon as we broke fast that same say we bought them (which is about maybe 2 hours after we bought and then brought home). Very perplexing why the gassy effect was gone.

I personally think that the sealing has something to do with it.
The bottles are sealed with a rubber stopper and then the bottle cap plus a plastic seal at the end for good measure. But somehow, seems like the carbonation managed to escape :\

Oh well.


Checked out their Instagram page and saw that they actually have different bottle shapes.
There’s the round ones you see above, they have these flat bottles which looks really cool and even some tall square ones.

If there’s one thing I’ll definitely take from this is the bottle. Wash it out and probably use it either as decoration or as an actual bottle for our drinks. Because this is a good quality glass bottle. Plus looks good with some coloured water in it LOL

So we might try again and see if this time we get a fizzy soda.
But if not, then hmmmmmm.


20150705_162937(0)Hello Soda (Adam’s Corner)

Geylang Serai Bazaar

Instagram: myhellosodasg




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  • YES! i bought 5 of it and all of them taste flat! Kinda disappointing. dangggg..

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