#RamadanHop 2017 – Sinar Malay Seafood

Already the 2nd installment of The Halal Food Blog’s #RamadanHop series! Throughout the month, we will be featuring a total of 10 different eateries, each with their own FEATURED DISH!

Don’t forget – you stand a chance to win a 3D2N trip for 2 to Bangkok!! So keep updated and look out for the information at the end of the post!


We’re keeping things going fast and furious with our 2nd entry for our #RamadanHop series and it’s an eatery which many of us have had epic feasts at!

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen us post about Sinar Malay Seafood a couple of times both on our blog and also on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. In fact, we enjoy the food so much that we have an outlet here in Tampines but we are willing to travel all the way to Jurong West to enjoy it with family too LOL 😛

They have special Ramadhan Promotion sets to be enjoyed!! They have sets that are suitable for 2-3 pax and up but we think that if we’re gonna have a great big seafood feast, then the bigger the better!! So our FEATURED DISH at Sinar Malay Seafood Ramadhan Set for 4-6!

And boy oh boy when we say feast, we mean FEAST!
Let’s break it down.

Salted Egg Prawns

Wooooooooo if there’s Salted Egg anywhere, you know for sure that we’re gonna make it the highlight right?? LOL WE LOVE SALTED EGG YOLK ANYTHING!!

So as with most Seafood sets, you’ll get to choose a few dishes according to how you’d like to have them prepared. And for obvious reasons, Salted Egg has become probably the most popular choice nowadays!

For our Prawn dish, we decided to go for the Salted Egg Prawns! You could also choose Cereal Prawns or Sambal Prawns by the way! But come on… you know you want the Salted Egg… LOL

Wah. We’ve had a lot of Salted Egg dishes and we mean A LOT! And a good sign that the Salted Egg dish is going to be sedap is the colour of the Salted Egg sauce. If it’s ORANGE and GOLD – that’s POWER!!

The Salted Egg flavour was very ‘pekat’ (think and bold) and absolutely delicious. Very generous with the sauce too so you have plenty on the dish to scoop up with your prawns to savour that great flavour.

I have to say the prawns were also fresh and actually pretty big too! They slice an opening for you at the top of the shell and deep fry so you get a nice crispy prawn on the outside with juicy and tasty flesh on the inside!

Sweet & Sour Fried Grouper

Next up is the Fish component of the meal. For this set at Sinar Malay Seafood, they offer a Fresh Grouper (aka Ikan Kerapu) and you can choose either Tiga Rasa or Sweet & Sour. They have Seabass aka Siakap and Stingray aka Ikan Pari for the other sets by the way and I guess you can ask the staff about switching but I personally think Grouper is probably a great choice and always choose it over other fishes for such seafood meals.

The Grouper is battered and receives the ‘Deep Fried Goodness’ treatment til nice and crisp on the outside before it is paired with a tasty and tangy Sweet and Sour Sauce complete with the usual suspects like pineapple and other assorted veggies.

Black Pepper Beef

The Beef dish offers up three different styles as well namely Hotplate, Kong Poh (aka Kung Pow) or Black Pepper. We went with the latter because it’s hard to resist the temptation of Black Pepper sauce!

It’s a pretty generous serving of beef that is definitely enough for the 4-6 pax sharing the set meal. The beef is sliced up and stir-fried with a thick and flavourful Black Pepper sauce. You can REALLY get the bold flavour of Black Pepper here. You can even see the Black Pepper in the sauce! Definitely a good choice for all you fans of Black Pepper.

Kangkong Belacan

Okay so here’s where you probably need to ‘Scissors Paper Stone’ or flip a coin LOL because there are 4 different Vegetable dishes to choose from and I reckon all of them are actually hot favourites.

So you’ve got Mixed Vegetable (aka Chap Chye), Baby Kailan, Salted Fish with Bean Sprouts and Kangkong Belacan on the menu for this set. See – told you it was a pretty difficult choice right LOL all also power!

In the end, we decided on the Kangkong Belacan since all our dishes were strong on flavours so we decided to keep the theme going. I think Kangkong Belacan is a hot favourite because it has something that we all love – that SPICY factor!

Yeah, it’s not spicy like it’s gonna burn your mouth off but it’s always nice to have a little bit of heat while you enjoy your food. That’s what makes it SHIOK!!

And speaking of spicy…

Tom Yam Seafood Soup

They’ve got 2 choices of Soup also by the way – The Tom Yam Seafood Soup and the Sliced Fish Soup.
No disrespect to the Sliced Fish Soup but I think that Tom Yam Seafood Soup is probably going to come out tops on the choice list 😛

Tasty Tom Yam soup with seafood like prawns, squid and sliced fish is surely a winner right? A plate of hot steaming white rice plus a big bowl of piping hot and spicy Tom Yam Soup already sounds power on its own. Now, plus will all those dishes featured above and you’re guaranteed a makan session that’s bound to satisfy! Something for everyone to enjoy!

San Lou Kway Teow with Salted Egg Chicken ($7.00)


I know some of you are probably asking “Eh, the set no chicken dish eh?”. Well, you can always order a Chicken dish ala carte from the menu lah right LOL so we wanted to make a recommendation! And no surprise that it involves Salted Egg again LOL 😛

The San Lou Kway Teow with Salted Egg Chicken is a new dish on the menu (this dish is NOT part of the Set meal) at Sinar Malay Seafood and we’re willing to bet it’s gonna be really popular. As if the draw of Salted Egg is not enough, this dish is actually really SEDAP!

We’re all used to Char Kway Teow that’s really strong on flavour (i.e. the black Char Kway Teow) but it’s actually nice to have one that has a milder flavour. Don’t get me wrong – it still has a great taste and it’s actually just nice to balance with the Salted Egg Chicken that comes with.

ZOMG just look at that Salted Egg Chicken *weeps tears of joy (and hunger)*

A chicken cutlet with a nice crispy coating plus tender flesh is topped off with more of that great Sinar Malay Seafood Salted Egg Sauce. Yes, the same, thick, delicious, power Salted Egg Sauce that we enjoyed with the Salted Egg Prawn.

How power is this dish? Well, if we were rating it, it’d get our full 5/5 rating. It’s SO good! MUST TRY!
(And we repeat eh.. this dish is NOT part of the Set Meal!)

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Selamat berpuasa and all the best for the contest!!


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