#RamadanHop 2017 – PastaMania

And with the weekend, we are almost reaching the climax! This is the penultimate post in  The Halal Food Blog’s #RamadanHop series! Have you been participating in the contests on our Facebook and Instagram accounts? Throughout the month, we will be featuring a total of 10 different eateries, each with their own FEATURED DISH!

What’s the prize for the contest? You stand a chance to win a 3D2N trip for 2 to Bangkok!! So keep updated and look out for the information at the end of the post and be sure to take part to stand a chance to win!

PastaMania has been the go-to place for a good, quick pasta fix for so many years. In fact, it used to be one of the only places we could go to experience a wide range of pasta dishes at affordable prices! Well, PastaMania is still going strong with more dishes on their menu than ever.

Besides the regular favourites, they also come up with a few special creations from time to time (who can forget the Chef’s Creations series right) and this time, their Ramadhan special looks set to capture everyone’s hearts (and tummies) for sure.

Salted Egg Chicken Pasta

Woooooooooo! Salted Egg Chicken Pasta sounds like a dish that’s right up our alley! In fact, Salted Egg Anything sounds about right to us to be honest! LOL But I know what you’re thinking – we’ve had plenty of Salted Egg dishes in recent times but not all quite meet the mark right? So how does this latest offering from PastaMania fare?

We are pleased to report – SEDAP GILER TO THE MAX!!

For a start, you can still choose which pasta you’d like to go along with the delicious Salted Egg Chicken. Once that’s done, just get ready to indulge in probably one of the best dishes we’ve ever had at PastaMania.

I think no matter what your choice of pasta, it’ll go well with the Salted Egg sauce because the consistency is just right to coat everything just right which means you get plenty of that delicious salted egg flavour in every mouthful.

If you can spot it in those photos, the red ingredient you see is not actually chili but tomato so you won’t really get much heat in this one compared to other salted egg dishes which might add chili and/or chili padi. But this is easily fixed by adding some chili flakes (which I know you all always add to your other PastaMania dishes right right?)

But what makes this a star dish is really the chicken. Have you ever had the Honey Garlic Chicken at PastaMania!
Well, they use the same bite-sized chicken pieces here. It’s delicious when you have it as the Honey Garlic Chicken but now as Salted Egg Chicken, it’s totally the bomb!

Refreshing Lime Soda

And the perfect pairing with the Salted Egg Chicken Pasta is PastaMania’s special Refreshing Lime Soda.

It’s tangy, it’s minty and it’s refreshing – a perfect contrast to the bold flavours of the Salted Egg Chicken. It kinda reminds me of like a Virgin Mojito you know what I mean? Just don’t forget to stir it well before sipping 😛

At $3.90, the Refreshing Lime Soda is a steal! But you can just top up $1 to your meal and upgrade! Good deal!!

PastaMania’s Salted Egg Chicken Pasta is available during Ramadhan and beyond! Enjoy it at PastaMania outlets from now til 16th July 2017 at the great price of $12.90! Don’t forget to make it a meal and also top-up an extra $1 to get your Refreshing Lime Soda!

In case you’re planning on enjoying your PastaMania at home or in the office, the Salted Egg Chicken Pasta is also available for delivery, as part of a Pasto Box (Salted Egg Chicken Pasta, Hot & Spicy Crispy Chicken, Brownie with Hazelnut Sauce and Canned Coke at $16.80). Check out the full menu and place your orders at www.pastamaniadelivery.sg okay!

Here is your chance to win a 3D2N TRIP FOR 2 TO BANGKOK!!
We have contests running on both our Facebook and Instagram pages after you enjoy the Salted Egg Chicken Pasta at PastaMania, be sure to take part in the contest!


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So what you need to do now is head to our Facebook page and Instagram accounts, look for the relevant post and follow the instructions! Just a few simple steps and you could be a winner!! Take part in both the Facebook and Instagram contests to increase your chances of winning! Get all your friends to participate too! (And make sure they bring you to Bangkok if they win okay 😛

The prizes will be individual for the Facebook and Instagram contests. This means that there will be TWO WINNERS for this contest! One winner on Facebook and one winner on Instagram! Each winner will be walking (or in this case, flying!) away with a 3D2N trip for 2 to Bangkok! So start prepping yourselves for a super exciting month ahead filled with great food, great prizes and great times ahead! Woot Woot!!

Selamat berpuasa and all the best for the contest!!


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