#RamadanHop 2017 – Long John Silver’s

How are the first few days of Ramadhan going everyone? Fast and furious with the 4th installment of The Halal Food Blog’s #RamadanHop series! Throughout the month, we will be featuring a total of 10 different eateries, each with their own FEATURED DISH!

Don’t forget – you stand a chance to win a 3D2N trip for 2 to Bangkok!! So keep updated and look out for the information at the end of the post!

Does anyone else remember that jingle besides me? LOL surely I can’t be the only one can i??

Anyways, whether you can remember the jingle or not, I’m sure y’all remember the great combos available at Long John Silver’s and also… the Captain’s Bell! 😛 Long John Silver’s has some great combo deals for the Ramadhan period by the way and totally worth checking it out for Iftar!

The menu at Long John Silver’s has definitely grown over the years and now you have a whole plethora of combos and even some Grilled combos too. But to be honest, there’s nothing like their Batter-fried combos and that’s what we’re sticking with!

Let’s face it – their Batter-fried stuff is unbeatable lah okay LOL not only is it iconic but it’s remained good all throughout the years. It’s tasty and that’s what gives it the edge. No matter if you order Chicken, Fish or Shrimp – it’s gonna be a tasty meal!

And are you like me? Always asking for “more crumbs”? 😛

Besides the classics, they’ve also got a new popular hot seller – the Caribbean Spicy which comes with some extra kick thanks to the spicy powder that tops off your seafood and chicken. And now – it’s even more power and worth it with the special deals they have! 2 Battered Deals for $10!!

Besides their awesome Fries that come with the combos, you’re sure to be tempted to order an extra side or two because they’re all so good right. Well, they’ve got a special promo for the sides too!

You can mix and match a serving of the awesome Clam Chowder plus 1 Side for $3! Totally worth it! You can choose from Fries, Coleslaw, Rice or Potato Chips with Nacho Cheese. I personally love all of those sides so it’s a really hard choice!

But the easiest choice is already made for you – that delicious LJS Clam Chowder is a sure winner and always hits the spot. It’s thick, rich and creamy, has a great flavour and is full of goodies. Absolutely sedap to the max!

So when you enjoy your Long John Silver’s between 25th May til 26th June 2017, don’t forget to enjoy these great offers! Enjoy TWO Golden Battered Deals at just $10 and also, when you buy ANY Combo meal, you can enjoy 1 Clam Chowder + 1 side dish for just $3!

Head down to your nearest Long John Silver’s soon!

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The prizes will be individual for the Facebook and Instagram contests. This means that there will be TWO WINNERS for this contest! One winner on Facebook and one winner on Instagram! Each winner will be walking (or in this case, flying!) away with a 3D2N trip for 2 to Bangkok! So start prepping yourselves for a super exciting month ahead filled with great food, great prizes and great times ahead! Woot Woot!!

Selamat berpuasa and all the best for the contest!!

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