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Woot woot! We love our Takoyaki and we love it A LOT!
We’re always on the look out for new Takoyaki to try because… well… let’s be honest – for every good serving of Takoyaki, there are bound to be some not so good ones in between right?

Well, the team from Oohnique was kind enough to send over some of their TakoYums (which seems super popular!) for us to try!


Okay so Takoyaki is normally the kind of thing you would probably wanna enjoy there and then. Meaning, as a street food, you’d probably expect to buy it from a stall at a pasar malam or bazaar where they make it on the sopt (most of the time) and you get to enjoy it fresh and hot.

I guess the main question is – how ‘fresh and hot’ will the Takoyaki be if we’re talking about delivery?
Great news – the TakoYums arrived still hot and fresh! Oohnique does their very best to ensure that the product that reaches you is still top notch so you can enjoy every tasty bite as if you just bought it awhile ago.

So what types of TakoYums can we expect?


As you can see, you definitely have a few choices to make! LOL
So you have either Original, Spicy or Cheesy when it comes to the flavours. Based on what we gather, this is mostly additional stuff added on top to give it a little bit more extra flavour.

You still have the same takoyaki balls with the sauce and the mayo and the bonito flakes but when you choose a special flavour, that’s where the add it for you. Spicy has some chili powder and Cheesy has some Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top of your takoyaki.

Then you have to choose your fillings! They have bout 6 standard fillings to choose from – namely Squid, Prawn, Hotdog, Crabmeat, Chicken Sausage and Mushroom. I’d say that some of those are actually pretty interesting and you don’t normally see that in a takoyaki line up.


The TakoYums are actually a very generous size and they’re really heavy too! LOL
That photo actually had 3 TakoYums  and the third was so heavy that it actually tore off and even the weight of the 2 TakoYums alone is enough to bend the skewer! LOL


We tried a few different types of TakoYums namely the Prawn, Mushroom and Crabmeat.
We love it that they are super generous with the sauce and mayo too! A MUST HAVE with takoyaki!

Even though the TakoYums are fresh and hot when they are delivered to you or when you self collect, we’d still advise you to eat it as soon as possible because they may be hot and fresh then but when they cool down you’re gonna have reheat them and all that so might as well enjoy them fresh right.

You can order TakoYums in quantities between 20-100 pieces (great for parties and BBQ!) and you can select multiple fillings if you’d like. Prices range from between $15 – $72 and you get to enjoy fresh home-made TakoYums! Self collection is normally from Yishun or Bukit Batok but they also have a delivery option too.

So next time you’re in the mood for takoyaki, be it for a family snack or maybe for a party/gathering with friends and family, Oohnique has got you covered! Head down to www.Oohnique.com to order!



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