Mother Day Special 2017 – Eatzi Gourmet

Every year, around this time, we all start asking the same question – “When is Mother’s Day ah?”. LOL it’s like a never-ending cycle each year! Well, here in Singapore, Mother’s Day is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of May! And that means that.. it’s falling on 14th May this year – NEXT SUNDAY!!

And as always, in the pursuit of delighting our Mummy Dearest, we buy flowers and gifts etc.
But you’ve gotta have cake right? 😛

We last covered their special Mother’s Day creation in 2014 but this year, Eatzi Gourmet is upping the game with an absolutely lovely cake befitting this special occasion! Behold the Rose Lychee Cake!

Incorporating Rose and Lychee flavours this cake not only looks great but tastes great too.

On the outside, a layer of pink cream Rose Roses crown this winning cake.
(in case that line was confusing, the cream Roses are Rose-flavoured LOL does that make more sense?)

Within, you have several layers of sponge cake (also slightly Rose-flavoured) and some Lychee Mousse where you will get most of the flavours from this creative cake. The cake is also literally surrounded with Ladyfinger Sponge fingers (very much like the ones used in Tiramisu!).

I have to say that despite the initial feeling that this cake’s flavours were going to be overpowered, it actually turned out to be really delicious! The Rose flavours were actually very subtle, which I guess is a good thing because if the Rose flavour goes overboard then that’s all you’re gonna taste! So this one was just nice!

The best part is when you enjoy all the layers at once because the Lychee Mousse flavour goes SO WELL with everything else. Such a winning combination! But I’m guessing some people will probably take notice of the texture of the Lychee Mousse because despite being a mousse, it will tend to firm up a bit when chilled. So in the end, it’s almost like a really soft jelly in away. But it’s still actually quite nice lah in my opinion.

So the 500gm cake goes for $32.80 and the 1kg cakes goes for $46.80 which is actually very reasonable! And I love the fact that the options are realistic like 500gm and 1kg instead of like 1-2kg and up like most places.

Head down to to place you orders and be sure to do it early okay!!


Eatzi Gourmet Bakery
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