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안녕하세요? 우수한!!

With their latest promotional item, McDonald’s Singapore brings us to the land of Kimchi, Descendants of the Sun and… Gangnam Style! LOL

The Seoul Spicy Burger brings us all the flavours we’ve come to associate with South Korea. A little bit of spicy, a little bit of sweet and a good mix with crunchy veggies too! Think of it as… something like Galbi but in burger form.

So they have a Chicken burger and a Beef burger. Besides the different patty, the burger also comes with some lettuce and also some creamy coleslaw (that really does pack quite a crunch!) all contained in between a black pepper and white sesame seed bun.

The Galbi-flavoured sauce that coats the patty is really quite something. It gives you an initial kick with some spicy flavour but it doesn’t linger so you can still enjoy the rest of your burger too. A little bit of sweet and a little bit of salty make for a great sauce. And I have to say that the coleslaw really does balance out well in terms of both flavour and also texture too!

The Beef patty is really tender (reminds me a lot of the patty they use for the Samurai Burger) but I guess it lacks a bit of bite compared to the chicken patty which has a crisp coating (as long as you eat it while it’s hot!). And in case you were wondering, that’s NOT a McSpicy patty okay… (that’s #McDonaldsInsider information okay! LOL)

To go along with your Korean-themed burger, they have some Korean-themed Shaker Fries.
And there are few associated with Korea more than Kimchi am I right or am I right?

So pour in the powder and give it a good shake before tucking in. To be honest, this didn’t turn out to be one of my favourite Shaker Fries flavours. But I will say that at least it really did taste like Kimchi.

And rounding off the compilation are the Peach McFizz and the Melon McFlurry!

The Peach McFizz turned out to be unanimously loved by all who tried it (as with most sweet fizzy drinks).
The Melon McFlurry is good if you like the fruity type of sweet especially with those coconut jelly bits in there. Else, stick to your classic Oreo McFlurry if you’re into the chocolate stuff.

The Seoul Spicy Burger and the rest of the gang are available at McDonald’s outlets and McDelivery for a limited time only so go try it ASAP!

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