Kayos Kookies – Kayosjib Kimchi

안녕하세요! Are y’all ready for some Kimchi?? Best of all – it’s home-made and it’s Halal!!

So the Korean wave has hit us all pretty hard in the past few years. From K-Pop to K-Dramas and even our all-time favourite Running Man! But I think that especially in the past year or two, even K-Food has become a bigger deal than ever to us here in Singapore!

We’ve had several Korean-themed eateries open in the past couple of years and it’s so great that they are certified Halal! Even then, we have a record number of locals heading to Korea for holidays nowadays so it’s little wonder that they have a pretty big push for Halal tourism there now! But that also means that our appetite for Korean food still needs to be satiated when we’re back in Singapore!

If there’s one food/ingredient that we associate the most with Korea – it’s gotta be Kimchi right!
And now, we can get Kimchi in bottles even at the supermarket! But when you have an option to #SupportLocal and get some home-made products that have been prepared with love and effort, then why not!

When you hear the name ‘Kayos Kookies’ the first thing that comes to mind is… Cookies LOL
Well, it’s in the name right?

But you know what else starts with K? Korean. And Kimchi.
And it’s pretty clear that the creative minds at Kayos Kookies are really passionate about all things Korean hence they decided to branch out a little. So now, Kayosjib is churning out fresh home-made Kimchi! Slurp! *mouth-watering*


Let me tell you folks! This Kimchi quite power lah! It’s got a great, strong flavour which I love in my Kimchi! Also a big plus point is that there is a nice mix of both leaves and stalks in there which I find is not the case when I buy commercial brands (certified Halal of course) from places like the supermarket. A good mix means you get nice and soft leafy bits which have soaked up all that goodness and also some crunchy stalky parts which are so good to chomp on!

They use quality ingredients including Napa cabbage, some radish and carrots and strips of green onions! Their ingredients list also includes seafood extract (which I didn’t quite detect to be honest) and also Korean flakes added to their “secret chili paste” which I assume the make from scratch. Perhaps this is the secret to the great flavour?

Another big plus is that you get quite a bit of the Kimchi ‘juice’ here which is definitely lacking in the ones I buy from the supermarket. I guess they try to keep it generally dry so the product can last longer maybe? But it’s the ‘juice’ that adds the kick when you add it to your Ramyeon or Hotpot! Slurp! *mouth-watering*

So when you order your Kayosjib Kimchi, it’s pretty much made fresh. This is all well and good of course but if you can keep it in a controlled environment – meaning proper in the fridge and using a clean, dry spoon everytime you can resist dipping in – there’s a good chance that after a couple of weeks, that Kimchi is going to be extra power with the flavours having the chance to mature… Slurp! *mouth-watering*

So between the 2-week to 1-month period seems to be the magic timing! Add your Kayosjib Kimchi to your noodles, your stews and even whip up some Kimchi fried rice. Confirmed plus chop it’s gonna be power. To be honest, sometimes I dish out some and and just enjoy it as it is! LOL

A bottle of Kayosjib Kimchi goes for $9.00 but the more you buy, the cheaper it is!
You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get updates but head down to their website to place your orders! Remember to support local and give Kayosjib Kimchi a try!

And now, at 2.31am, as I type out this last line of this post – I’m literally going to get up and cook up some Ramyeon and add the last of my Kayosjib Kimchi!

Kayosjib Kimchi

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