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Chicken Wanton Noodles ($4.00)

So we had to make a few trips to SGH recently and as you may know, there are limited choices for us to makan while we are there. Yeah sure we’re not going all the way to the hospital to makan but hey if you’re there and you’ve gotta eat then you’d like to have some choices right? Especially if you have to visit often!

Well besides the foodcourt, there’s a small outlet called Kaffe & Toast at Block 4 (just in front of the Starbucks) which you might consider. You may have seen ‘Coffee and Toast’ outlets before at other locations right? Well, Kaffe & Toast is the Halal-certified subsidiary! FACT!!

Anyways, they have a pretty small menu when it comes to actual food-food so we tried some dishes while we could.


Minced Chicken Noodles Dry ($3.80)
Minced Chicken Noodles Dry ($3.80)


This one the dishes I actually had twice back-to-back for 2 days in a row because I like mee pok and there’s just something so simple about this dish that makes is so enjoyable. Just being able to slurp up the noodles for some reason really rocks to me. LOL

So as I said, this is mee pok (yeah the flat noodles) and it’s topped off with some minced chicken, a couple of slices of fishcake and some wantons (2 wantons to be exact). So you mix everything up and enjoy a nice hearty serving of noodles and minced meat! This is the Dry version by the way. You can also have the Soup version.

2 things we noted though… 1) There was a severe lack of vegetables and 2) the chili is actually really spicy. And since you’re probably gonna be mixing that stuff up, might wanna go sparingly if you’re not the chili person okay. You can even tell the aunty making the noodles for less chili to be on the safe side if you need.

Anyways they’ve also got Fishball Noodles if Minced Chicken is not on your radar.


Chicken Wanton Noodles ($4.00)
Chicken Wanton Noodles ($4.00)

So if mee pok isn’t your thing, then maybe good ol’ wanton noodles is!

This is other type of noodles you can get at Kaffe & Toast. Big piping bowl of noodles with some wantons, sliced chicken ‘char siew’ and (finally) some veggies! The chili is pretty much the same as the Minced Chicken Noodles or you can of course opt for the soup version.


I guess there’s something about these kinds of noodle dishes (mee pok and wanton) that I
‘d file them under comfort food in my books. Guess there’s just something about slurping a big mouthful of noodles and following-up with some meat and veggies. Like power like that right!


And in case you were wondering about the wantons you get… errr… don’t expect so much okay sorry to say.
The only difference in the wantons you get in the Minced Chicken Noodles vs the Wanton Noodles is that you get more in the Wanton Noodles.


Chicken Rendang ($4.30)


So they also have some dishes served with rice if you prefer. One of them being quite popular by the number of people we saw eating this dish while we were there.

The Chicken Rendang is served with a serving of white rice, peanut/ikan bilis combo and also some pickled vegetables. Yeah, it’s pickled veggies please don’t mistake it for Sayur Lodeh okay. Oh and of course there’s some sambal for good measure 😀

To be honest the Rendang itself was so-so but I guess it wasn’t so bad. Maybe cos we’re always gonna compare dishes like Rendang to our own home-cooked versions right? Pretty decent and definitely a filling meal. Alternatively, you can also go for the Curry Chicken ($4.30) if you prefer.


Iced Lemon Tea ($2.00)
Iced Lemon Tea ($2.00)

And if you’d like our recommendation for a drink to wash it all down, go for the Iced Lemon Tea.
It’s not too sour and tastes great!

Adam’s Verdict:
Minced Chicken Noodles Dry 4/5 — Chicken Wanton Noodles 3/5 — Iced Lemon Tea 4/5

Maryah’s Verdict:
Fishball Noodles Dry 3.5/5 — Iced Lemon Tea 4.5/5

Azlan’s Verdict:
Chicken Wanton Noodles 3/5

Besides what we’ve featured, they’ve also got dishes like Fish Soup, Laksa and Curry Chicken so choices are limited but at least you have some choices right. And it’d quite a small dining area so try and avoid the peak hour times like lunchtime etc.


IMG_6991Kaffe & Toast

Singapore General Hospital Block 4 Concourse


Operating Hours:
8.00am til 8.00pm on Weekdays
8.00am til 6.00pm on Weekends





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