Inari-ku: My Inari – Inari Platter and Takoyaki

Our first time trying Inari-ku was an absolute delight albeit an unexpected one. It was the Kitsune Udon at a friend’s wedding and it definitely made us want to try more from this talented home-chef!

Wait a minute. I think home-chef is a bit of a understatement here. We are talking about a graduate of the famed Tokyo Sushi Academy! And based on her Instagram account, she lives and breathes all things Japanese which translates into the passion she shows in preparing her food.

Almost a year later but we finally grabbed the chance to order from here when she posted on IG!

Inari Platter ($30.00)
Inari Platter ($30.00)

There were two types of Inari to choose from for this round but one of those choices was her famous Lobster Inari so we were pretty happy about that!

We’ve also seen a wide variety of choices like Kani Ebiko Inari, Premium Tuna Inari, Spicy Chuka Idako Salad Inari, Spicy Salmon Salad Inari and who knows what other wonderful combinations she can come up with! But let’s concentrate on the ones we do have for now shall we!

Anyways $30.00 for a platter of 12 Inari translates to roughly about $2.50 per Inari which seems a bit pricey but you must remember that these are premium ingredients and a very generous serving too.

Lobster Inari
Lobster Inari

The signature of Inari-ku and definitely the Inari that is synonymous with the brand – the Lobster Inari.

Here we have a combination of lobster and squid salad which sits atop a bed of sushi rice. All these premium ingredients are nestled within some Inariage aka Aburaage (the sweet beancurd pouch) and finished off with some Japanese mayonnaise.

Sounds absolutely delicious doesn’t it? Well, it tastes delicious too!

The lobster and squid bits are not too big but the chunks are still big enough that you can still enjoy taking a nice big chomp. And the Japanese mayonnaise which has been torched to give it a nice char and flavour is absolutely sedap gila LOL

All in all, a very satisfying bite!
I ended up finishing each Inari in like 2 bites (because I’m a glutton) LOL but don’t get the wrong idea these are still pretty big-sized Inari. It’s not those small ones okay in case you were wondering.

Spicy Chicken Floss Inari
Spicy Chicken Floss Inari

Here’s a choice of Inari that will delight lovers of floss. (It’s a good thing I’m one of them!)
My Darling Wife isn’t such a fan of floss as some of you may also not be but this one is still worth trying to be honest.

The topping this time is Spicy Chicken Floss (obviously) so it doesn’t have quite the same bite as the Lobster Inari we tried. You definitely get the flavour of the Spicy Chicken Floss but once that’s gone down the hatch, you’ve pretty much got the rest of the Inari left to devour.

Like I said, I still enjoyed it because I quite like floss and that sorta thing.


As you can see from that picture, it really is quite a mouthful so you all don’t think that this Inari is not filling okay! A platter is great for sharing but be sure to order extra lah confirmed sedap means wanna eat some more.

Each platter comes will some Wasabi and Shoyu so you don’t need to get your own (you can if you want to of course!)


Takoyaki ($10.00)
Takoyaki ($10.00)

Like I said, confirmed gonna order extras one LOL

We absolutely LOVE Takoyaki!!! And it’s become so hard to find good ones nowadays! At most we go to the pasar malam and buy a box or two but sometimes it’s exactly enjoyable for any one of a number of reasons. Well, these are some pretty tasty ones here.

We had 5 each of the Tako and the Chicken Ham & Cheese Takoyaki by the way.

I will be honest and tell you that I am actually not a very big fan of octopus. I guess I just have this idea in my mind that Octopus is automatically going to be tough like most of the times I bought at the pasar malams (and yeah I know they use just squid in some cases)

But I am very happy to report that the Tako in these Inari-ku Takoyaki were not at all tough or chewy. On top of having some delicious fillings, the dough balls themselves were actually tasty too. And you can see that it’s not just the octopus and/or the chicken ham & cheese in there but other stuff like carrots and spring onions which make a big difference to the texture and flavour of the Takoyaki.

But as with most things, it’s best to enjoy these while they are hot so stick them in the toaster if you want to to heat them up. But the sauce and all that is already on so… hmmm… it’s a Catch 22 situation.

Adam’s Verdict:
Lobster Inari 4/5 — Spicy Chicken Floss Inari 3.5/5 – Takoyaki 3/5

Maryah’s Verdict:
Lobster Inari 4/5 — Spicy Chicken Floss Inari 3/5 – Takoyaki 3/5

Azlan’s Verdict:
Takoyaki 2.5/5

There are still so many things on the Inari-ku menu we are looking forward to trying! The Ramen is on our list and so is the Don and the Bento sets too!! Insya Allah we will get the chance in future! You can view the menu by clicking HERE if you’d like!

In the meantime, if you see orders open for Inari-ku, give it a try especially if you love Japanese food!


10411827_1651421315083384_6925376515233749700_nInari-ku: My Inari
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