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Read about this up and coming coffee brand in Singapore where they source out quality coffee from all over the world and the aim is not just to educate people on issues related to coffee like sustainability but also to show us that we need not be worried about appreciating a good cup of coffee and it’s much simpler than it seems!

Hook Coffee was set up with that idea in mind – that coffee can be enjoyed by everyone – not just affordably but conveniently too. They have got plenty to offer (as you can probably read from their website) but today, we got to try some coffee they sent to us and the really exciting part was the away the coffee was packed.

Hook Coffee 01
Hook Coffee 02 Hakuna Matata

Hook Coffee has stuff from all over the world and I mean ALL OVER THE WORLD!
We’ve got coffees from Africa, South and Central America and Asia! Talk about a special cup of coffee right!

So each coffee has its own unique character and flavour profile so there’s something to suit everyone.
Once you have chosen the coffee you’d like, Hook Coffee will pack them for you the way you like. That means you can have them in Whole Beans form so you can have the beans ground them yourself, you can have Hook Coffee grind them for you or go for the super convenient Drip Bags which is what we have here today.

Hook Coffee 04 Drip Bag
Hook Coffee 05 Drip Bag

That’s the Drip Bag from Hook Coffee and it’s packed with a coffee called ‘Hakuna Matata’ from Kenya.
I remember my first encounter with coffee from Africa when I attended an event last year and I quite (surprisingly) enjoyed the fruity notes that came with it and that’s actually when my appreciation for coffee was aroused.

By the way, did I mention that Hook Coffee will only grind you coffee when it’s ready to be packed and sent to you? This means you’ll enjoy a super fresh product even though you’re not grinding the beans down yourself (which you can also choose to do if you’d like).

Hook Coffee 06 Drip Bag
Hook Coffee 07 Drip Bag

So once you tear open the Drip Bag, you can (quite literally) spread the wings of the Drip Bag that will fit comfortably over any regular-sized drinking vessel of your choice. Such a simple idea but so ingenious right!

So once you’re all set, get some hot water and go ahead and pour away!

Hook Coffee 08 Drip Bag
Hook Coffee 09 Drip Bag
Hook Coffee 10 Drip Bag
Hook Coffee 11 Drip Bag
Hook Coffee 12 Drip Bag
Hook Coffee 13 Drip Bag

First of all, 50 points to my Darling Wife for buying that beautiful kick-ass teapot LOL

Next, I’d like to point out that this is not like that Vietnamese Drip Coffee you’ve seen. This does not take ages to drip into your cup. It’s a relatively quick process once you pour in the hot water. The factor of how long it takes depends on how strong you want your coffee because the longer you leave the bag to soak, naturally the stronger your coffee will be. Once you’re satisfied, chuck the bag and you’re done! Easy peasy!

So the end result is a piping hot cup of coffee! You can add sugar if you’d like but I’d recommend not too much so you can still enjoy the natural flavour of the coffee. And for a sugar lover like me to say “put less sugar” means there’s really a difference there. But what you might consider adding is some ice if you’re looking to beat the heat with some iced coffee!

So there you have it. A fuss-free way to enjoy your coffee in the comfort of your own home or even at the office. After all, nothing like a good cup of coffee to get you through the grind right? Geddit geddit? Grind. Like you grind coffee also. Geddit? *crickets*

There’s actually more I’d like to post about Hook Coffee but I will save it for our 2nd post which should be coming soon and will feature a different coffee with a different brewing method but the same awesomeness.


4362-Screen-Shot-2015-12-12-at-01.39.13.pngHook Coffee


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