Halal Food Hunt – Diaries

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So you might have seen us team up with the ladies from Halal Food Hunt in the past right?
Well, they’re a great bunch to collaborate with and they have so many great ideas! So today we’re here to tell you more about something they have on their site where you not only get to air your views but also the chance to walkways with freebies/vouchers too!

So you know Halal Food Hunt from their YouTube channel and their great recipe packs which you can order and make your life a whole lot easier. But there’s more to them than just great recipe packs!

So when you head over to the HalalFoodHunt.com website, you’re gonna see a few sections namely Bakes and Brews, Kitchen, Listings and Diaries. Don’t worry we’ll be talking more about the other sections in future but right now we wanna tell you about the Diaries section okay!

So right up there on top is the banner when you click on the Diaries section at HalalFoodHunt.com so what exactly will you find there?

Diaries 1
The Diaries section is actually a community blog where YOU get to air your views about anything and everything related to Halal! A chance for YOU to put forward your views and hopefully your views will benefit others, possibly spark the next great (friendly) debate or you can even take the chance to show how clever you are LOL

Anyways I’m sure so may of you have an opinion, a recommendation or a tip about something and here is your chance to share it with everyone! Need an example?

Diaries 2
When some of the #HalalGirls (those are the girls from Halal Food Hunt btw) went on a trip to Europe recently, they were kind enough to share their experience on the Diaries page. This means we got to read about some tips on traveling in such areas for Muslims.

Accommodations? Food? Even buying canned food from the supermarket can be quite a task when you’re in a foreign land am I right? Well, this is one example where you can share your experiences and tips so that so many other can benefit! So unless you travel every month and have your own travel blog or you’re gonna type out one super long status post on your Facebook, this is definitely a great avenue for you!

Diaries 3
And of course, one of our fave reasons for having to write anything – FOOD!
Oh yeah this is definitely the perfect place for you to share your views on makan, makan and makan.

Dined at a great restaurant recently? Maybe the food at a wedding you attended was the bomb? Or maybe you found this great new Halal product at the supermarket? Well, tell everyone about it at The Halal Food Hunt Diaries!

Who knows eh it might even be somewhere where we’ve makan-ed before and we can compare notes!! 😛

Anyways I’m sure you can see what we are getting at here right? The Halal Food Hunt Diaries is a great place for the community to share information. The people writing for the people – that’s always great right? So start thinking about the next submission you’re gonna make and start typing now!!

If you need some ideas to inspire you, check out the site at THIS LINK over at HalalFoodHunt.com


Okay all you Halal Food Blog and Halal Food Hunt fans are in for a treat! Here’s your chance to walk away with vouchers when you submit your entries to Halal Food Hunt Diaries!!

It’s really simple – just send in your submission to Halal Food Hunt Diaries via their submission page HERE and if your entry is selected and published, you walk away with a minimum $10 food voucher!!

You’re gonna feedback about such stuff on your FB page anyways right so might as well polish it up a bit! Here’s your chance to released the inner scribe in you! LOL But please eh the entry can’t be so short like FB status post… Don’t need to be as long-winded as us at The Halal Food Blog but at least give us a good read! 🙂

So don’t waste any more time eh… Start submitting to Halal Food Hunt Diaries now!!

And don’t forget their tagline – Halal First, Everything Else Later!