Buttertrade – Olivye Gelato Cake

Hey everyone! Have you heard of Buttertrade?
Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Buttertrade is actually a great place where you can order and get cakes delivered to you fast, simple and affordable!
You literally visit their website, browse through their selection which features over 100 cakes from boutique bakeries (including some Halal options too!), make payment and arrange for the cakes to be delivered!

No fuss. No muss. Just cake! LOL

Tired of always having to spend so much time looking and hunting for that perfect cake for your party or event? Well, that’s where Buttertrade comes in and cuts out all the hassle. Just visit their site, browse and find the cake you like and leave the rest to Buttertrade.

After all, you’ve got other things to prepare for the event instead of wasting all that time hunting for a cake right?

They have even got some Halal options too including Sweetest Moments and also a place where we’ve enjoyed some pretty good Gelato too – Olivye Cafe!

We were honoured to have a special Olivye Cafe Gelato Cake sent over so we could experience the ease of using Buttertrade first-hand!

Buttertrade x Olivye 01
Buttertrade x Olivye 02
Buttertrade x Olivye 03

First impression and I am super impressed with how the Gelato cake was packed!

One of the big concerns with cakes (ESPECIALLY ICE-CREAM CAKES!!) is how it’s going to hold up if you’ll be consuming it only a little bit later. Firstly – you eliminate the problem about transporting the cake home because it’s delivered to you so it is super cooled when it arrives. Secondly – it’s packed super well!

Inside the packaging, the cake is packed inside a Styrofoam box with dry ice in there as well for good measure! Guaranteed that your Gelato cake is going be perfect even if you have to serve it later. You’re supposed to keep it in the fridge once you receive it but the fridge in the office was too small so I had to leave it on my table.

The ice-cream cake was still prefect and solid when I brought it home 3 hours later! Just remember to keep it cool!
And a little more on the ‘solid’ part later okay!

Buttertrade x Olivye 04
Buttertrade x Olivye 05
Buttertrade x Olivye 06

Beyond the packaging, you can see that this is actually a very handsome looking cake!

A nice thick layer of rich Buttercream coats the outside. Nice and simple design that is visually stunning and builds up anticipation for what lies within – Nutella Gelato!

Buttertrade x Olivye 07
Buttertrade x Olivye 08
Buttertrade x Olivye 10

Woo hoo! Look at that glorious Nutella Gelato!

Super decadent and rich flavour of the Nutella really shines through. If you’ve read our review of Olivye Gelato way back when, you’ll know that they take their Gelato really seriously and only the best quality ingredients are used which is why the flavour of the Gelato is super power.

Some of our favourite Gelato flavours at Olivye are fruit-based so it’s little wonder that they also have a Durian Gelato Cake offered on Buttertrade too! Totally worth it!

Now, about that ‘solid’ part we mentioned earlier…
A tip for everyone – leave the cake outside to ‘thaw’ a little before the time comes for serving. They do such a great job of keeping the Gelato cake cool that the Gelato itself is pretty solid! LOL

The reason it looks a bit messed up in the photo above is because I was trying to slice through the thick Gelato LOL

So remember to leave it out for awhile and run your knife under some hot water to heat it up and this will make slicing through the Gelato cake a little but easier. And we know you’ll be super excited to makan the cake but take your time okay LOL


From now til 31st August, The Halal Food Blog readers can enjoy 10% off when you order any cake from Olivye Cafe via Buttertrade! Just enter the promo code ‘10%offwiththehalalfoodblog’ when you check-out on the Buttertrade website and you’re all set!

Thanks to the good folks at Buttertrade for the great promo and for arranging for us to try the delicious cake!

Well, there you have it folks – power right?

Head down to www.buttertrade.com.sg where you can view their full list of cakes. Hopefully we will see more Halal options soon but the ones they’ve got on now are already pretty impressive! Besides the occasional promo, also look out for rebates you earn when you buy on Buttertrade – these can be used to redeem cakes in the future!


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