Batu Lesung Spice Company – Chop Chop Cooking!

I absolutely LOVE Batu Lesung Spice Company’s range of spice pastes.
It’s easy to use. It’s convenient. It’s a time-saver. It’s versatile. And best of all – it’s delicious!

We’ve had the pleasure of ‘experimenting’ with the spice pastes and whipped up quite a few tasty dishes (both on and off camera) with some pretty interesting results. The spice pastes proved to be really all-purpose and I found myself concocting loads of innovative recipes which would definitely be classified under modern or fusion for sure despite the spice pastes having generally traditional-sounding names.

I mean, who would have imagined that Beef Rendang Pasta would be so delicious right?

The 3 spice pastes currently available from Batu Lesung Spice Company are the Classic Curry, Rendang Rempah and Panggang BBQ Marinade – each with their own distinct flavours and uses.

One of the biggest reasons why these spice pastes are so hassle-free is that there is no need to fry up the spice pastes before use! Yes, that’s right – no need to spend time frying the spice pastes with oil to cook it up before adding in your other ingredients. In fact, it’s the other way round! You add the spice pastes to your ingredients instead!

And of course, they’re super versatile. You can combine them with pretty much everything. Beef, chicken, lamb, vegetables etc. You name it and you can probably cook it with these spice pastes.

And it’s amazing how the possibilities are endless. Besides the classic uses of the spice pastes in dishes like Chicken Curry or Beef Rendang for example, we’ve successfully prepared modern dishes including pasta, tacos, pizzas and the list goes on and on! And don’t forget BBQ-ing with the Panggang BBQ Marinade!

This is an amazing product that is perfect for everyone. Whether you’re the expert chef that’s looking for a big kitchen hack, the amateur cook who doesn’t wanna muck things up in the kitchen or, like us, the working professional who may be short on time but still wanna whip up a fast yet tasty meal for everyone.

Batu Lesung Spice Company has got your back!
In fact, for the month of Ramadhan in 2017, they’re offering a 15% discount when you use the code ‘THFB17’ on their site! But hey, if you need further proof, check out these real-life examples of how we rocked these spice pastes at home.

Head down to to see their full range of products and browse through all the features of their fantastic artisanal spice pastes including special recipe ideas!

Don’t forget to use the special code – ‘THFB17’ – when you checkout and get 15% off your total bill specially just for The Halal Food Blog readers! Head down before the end of Ramadhan 2017 to enjoy this special discount okay!

Batu Lesung Spice Company

31 Ah Hood Road
Tel: 6225 3542
Instagram: @batulesungspiceco


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