Abdul Basith – Mee Kuah

Here’s another one from my lunchtime adventures in Chai Chee.

So I’ve tried the Mutton Steak and the Mutton Chop from this stall (and officially reviewed it) so here’s the next installment – Mee Kuah.

I know a lot of people are very particular about how they like their Mee Kuah to be.
Some expect it to be spicy or a certain consistency. Some expect a special kind of flavour to be present with every mouthful of noodles and that fiery gravy.

I’ve heard stories about some really nice ones but I’ve only had a few different versions and only officially reviewed one – Saffron’s Mee Kuah. So here’s the Abdul Basith version.

Mee Kuah ($3.50)

Now that doesn’t look that bad right? Well it doesn’t taste that bad either!

A nice consistency for the gravy. Not too watery and definitely full of flavour.
I understand that Mee Kuah is basically a peppery spice soup and this definitely lives up to that reputation. And in this case, I even asked for extra spicy so it definitely packed a punch.

Adam’s Verdict:
Mee Kuah 3.5/5

But as always, the problem with the food at Abdul Basith is the consistency.
Had this three times at this stall to be honest and it was different every single time.
A general tip – it’s gonna be good if the Mamak Mullet is the one cooking.

Who’s the Mamak Mullet? Well, look for the mullet. You’ll know what I mean.

Abdul Basith

FOODHUB @ Chai Chee aka T1
Blk 26A Chai Chee Road

Operating Hours:
5.30am – 10pm Daily


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